5 Jul 12:36pm

The Track/Intensity plots have been overhauled, and a new set of Diagnostics plots has been added. GFS, HWRF and GFDL data provided courtesy of NOAA and Colorado State University.

5 Jun 5:21pm

Today, the code is upgraded to the 2013 HFIP Demonstration Version. There may be some erratic behavior as we do minor site maintenance and upgrade plot options. Going live on 1 August.


15 Jun 3:06pm

Today, the code is upgraded to the 2012 HFIP Demonstration Version. Going live on 1 August.


05 Sep 8:44pm

Now running side-by-side Stream 2 simulations with bug-fixes to the 2011 Demo code -- delivery of products is sporadic due to workload on t-jet. We apologize for the inconvenience.

11 Aug 9:30pm

Real-time scheduling on t-jet is currently very erratic, and some cycles are not being completed. We apologize for the inconvenience.

29 July 10:30pm

Testing 2011 HFIP Demo configuration -- going live on 1 August.


31 August 8pm

Runs delayed until 12Z 1 Sep while migrating to new computing environment.

10 August 11:45am

NCEP supercomputer down -- 6Z and 12Z forecasts will be delayed.

5 August 8:30pm

No 18Z GFS. No 18Z Forecasts.

5 August 8:00pm

Upgraded to 3-grid configuration, with 60-km / 12-km / 4-km grid spacing. Initialization is now accomplished directly from GFS with insertion of bogus vortex.

Be sure to check out the Wind/Reflectivity(4km) animations!

22 July 8:45pm

OS upgrade on supercomputer -- no runs until this afternoon.

21 July 12:45pm

Added animations of 10km-1.5km shear over the coarse grid; and 5km moisture and wind on the inner nest.

16 July 8:00am

Supercomputer back online today -- normal operations resume.

12 July 4:00pm

No forecast graphics updates 14-15 July (supercomputer maintenance).